Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Atrial Flutter or Ventricular Fibrillation: The Heart Matters

"Now I'm about to give you my heart, but remember this one thing, I've never been in-love before so you gotta go easy on me..."

Ever wonder why I entitled my blog with those words? Well, I'm heart broken. Literally. I don't really have a normal cardiac rhythm and cardiac anatomy. It just shows that being heart broken is not all about L-O-V-E, love. I'm not actually bitter because I have been heart broken, twice or thrice in my lifetime. It's really no big deal and I don't get why people are making a fuss out of it, especially this coming Valentine's day. But, let's get to the point of my blog. This isn't about me or my heart broken-ness. This about someone, or rather two people, I know.

Before I proceed, let's get it on with our definition of terms.
  1. Atrial Flutter - Rapid heart rate with absence of normal ECG waves. heart rate usually results from 250 to 350 beats per minute
  2. Ventricular Fibrillation - Rapid heart rate with absence of electrical impulses. Usually resulted from myocardial ischemia or cardiac drug overdose
Now that you know what those two mean, I'm gonna use them metaphorically and not in their usual, literal meanings.  

Sometimes, it's hard to think that true love will never find us out there. A lot of people believe that it's commitment that matters. What if everything we believe in is wrong? I, for one, believe that true love exist. Commitment comes with it naturally. I keep remembering the movie "Something Borrowed" and I've even read the book it was adapted from. It's an awesome story. Makes you think it happens in reality and not just in fantasy. The classic 'boy falls for a girl and finds out his true love is another'. Even the Disney movie "Enchanted" shows the meaning of true love, the same way the former shows it, only in a different light. Now, come to think of it, what if there really is Fate or, what if we are aligned in the stars according to Destiny? And how about God chooses who you meet and how he plans your future? Think about it.

Let me get on with a little story:
Once there was this prince, handsome, kind and caring as he goes. He met this beautiful lady, a princess, but hidden deep inside was a wicked witch destined to control him as he goes on with life as he rules his kingdom. This goes on for quite some time, 6 centuries maybe, Then one day, a group of new royals arrived for lectures on how to become the perfect ruler, a 3 century education. During the first century, a beautiful princess, the most charming of all, even though not the most perfect in kingdoms, saw the handsome prince, same happened with him. The cruel princess declared war of all proportions, a vast of paper works for the kind princess. Fate is playing with the odds, a game only he understands. How will the kind princess react to this situation? But she knows that True Love is destiny, and messing with Fate can turn the world against you.

What do you think? For me, It doesn't matter what others think as long as you are happy. Am I right?

When we see our crush, we almost lose consciousness, having the Atrial Flutter of a lifetime. But once we fall in love, our heart stops and beats for only one, a ventricular fibrillation that no one else experiences. SO what will you choose? Atrial Flutter or Ventricular Fibrillation? I know our kind princess will soon realize that Ventricular Fibrillation is better than having Atrial Flutters, metaphorically speaking of course.

Don' mess with Fate, 'cause if you do, Fate will destroy you. This is something I learned about karma.

Happy Pre -Valentine's day everyone!

You know who you are. Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime (Yuck? Job? LOL) So I have a song that will warm your heart and hope that it helps you choose the right decision :)

"Why dont you give me a reason?
Please tell me the truth
You know that I'll keep believing
Til I'm with you"