Friday, 23 January 2015

Life Experience: My First Philippine License Renewal

Have you ever felt the excitement of the first time you were about to renew your license? Have you ever dreaded the unpreparedness in you when dealing with stuff like that? Well, I have. Yesterday, I was both excited and fearful of what I was about to do. I was excited because it is my first time, but I also feared the fact that I was about to reenter the Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines or also called as PRC. I feared it because the last time I was at PRC, it felt like hell on earth, Everything was chaotic and everything was unorganized. I referred to it in the past tense because when my dad renewed his license, he said everything went smoothly and he even got his license the same day he had it renewed. Apparently, he just got lucky. When I got there, I haven't even been inside the premises and there was already a line. a very long and very slow moving line.

This happened last January 23, 2014.