Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Gotta Catch 'Em All.... Again

Hi Guys! It's been a while since my last post but hey, everybody is busy right?

During the past few months that I've been gone, I started playing the new version of the Pokemon Games. Yeah, you got that. It's Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Specifically, I have been playing with Pokemon White 2 and so far, so good and I mean really really really good. This version rocks ultimately especially about the...wait...there is no specific awesome part, because it's awesome as a whole. So Let's get down to reviewing the Game.



Graphics: For and NDS/3DS/DSi Game, the graphics are spectacular. Unlike the other previous Pokemon games, everything is in motion and I mean everything. Unlike the Gen IV (HGSS/DPPL), Pokemon are moving throughout the battle scenario Comparing the movement with BW, this game ha smuch smoother movements, clearer motion backgrounds and every single trainer has their own movement intro. 

For the Graphics, I give it
The Unova League Gym Leaders

Music: Remixes? Old Music? Crappy Background Music? Repetitive and Annoying? Pokemon BW2 defines the new era of Pokemon Music. Everything is different and it really helps in the mood of playing. SO you think you are in Unova, but theres definitely music from all different regions of Pokemon specially battling the old Gym Leaders. (oops, that one was a spoiler, sorry) And I can move to it's new beat without getting bummed out. Two words, Love It

For Music, I give it

Storyline: And I thought BW was deep. and this sh*t just got deeper. The story picks up 2 years from the end of BW story and yes, this one also has a great storyline to come with the characters. I would give it a 4 out of 5 because you wouldn't really get it if you haven't played the original BW...BUT there is the new Memory Link feature that can access through the old game and it let's you see the previous game progress (but of course you have to finish it first). I love that part because I can see my old character's name popping up from everywhere and new features keep getting unlocked.

So for Storyline

Me at the Pokestar Studios

Features: I won't blab but I'll post guides on "How To's for BW2 New Features" on my next post. All I can say is that the new features (and even the old ones) rock still. More features mean more gameplay!

My rating

Gameplay: This is the last of my Categories and there is just one thing I'd like to say about the gameplay. It is epic. Why the hell can I say that? It's Pokemon? But really, this game hit Japan's and USA's Game chart like a Blockbuster Harry Potter Movie. Because this game builds curiosity and it can blood-pump you anytime. This Pokemon is awesome as it is.

So for that


Wow! I can't believe I gave it a perfect score. Maybe those who can't understand the game are really having a hard time believing that it's such an awesome game. And yeah It's worth a shot for those who want's a new game. 

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And remember,
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Peace out! and Have a Happy Autumn!
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