Monday, 9 June 2014

Help Desk: A New Breed of Smartphones

It is that time of the year again where a new breed of gadgets start popping out from everywhere. The recent Mobile World Congress revealed a lot of juicy information that makes us wanna grab that next-in-line smartphone of our favorite brand. But are we satisfied with what they are showing us?

The new age today determines cellphones based on its elegance, availability and, let's face it, peer pressure. "I wanna have that smartphone because everybody wants it." or a simple "I wanna have that smartphone because it looks good." People determine their smartphone based on what everyone wants rather than basing it on what it really does.

Sony Xperia Z2. Realeased April 2014

The first thing I ask when I see a person buy a new phone is "Why did you pick that?" The common answer would be "It looks good, it's new and people like it." I usually give a follow up question stating "Do you know the CPU speed of that?" and the most common, well actually almost all of the people I ask says "No, what do you mean?" 

Generally, people buy what the companies' advertisements say. Forgetting all other minor details that would affect the lifespan of their smartphones. Some people don't look into it because they change every year to go with fast paced world. But others wouldn't be so happy about the rapidly changing technology. But does it really rapidly changes? My answer is no.