Friday, 13 March 2015

Help Desk: Direct Carrier Billing

The network carriers in the Philippines has finally released Direct Carrier Billing for Google Play Store. The network who released this first was Globe followed by Smart. Other networks are currently not supported.

What is Direct Carrier Billing?
Direct Carrier Billing is a way to pay for Apps, Music, Movies, TV Series, Books and In-App Purchases from the Google Play Store using your prepaid or postpaid balance. This lets people opt out of paying for Apps using credit card, PayPal, or redeemable gift cards. 

How does Direct Carrier Billing work?
It works the same way as credit card, PayPal or gift cards work. It removes your credit from prepaid balance or you get billed on your postpaid plan. Take note that you will be immediately charged when using prepaid while it could take a while for your bill to come if you are on postpaid. 

How do I enable Direct Carrier Billing?
Below are the steps on how to enable Direct Carrier Billing (DCB).

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