Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Next Generation Pokemon

And the news are out! But before I head on to the big news of Pokemon, let's have a little recap of what is in the Pokemon world so far.
  1. We have the generation V Pokemon, having a grand total of 649 Pokedex entries, including the 15+ Pokemon with different formes, a lot of Pokemon with multiple evolution types and the babies and legendaries that everyone knows about.
  2. We have 5 (canonical) regions of Pokemon which are Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova
  3. We have the WiFi battles, GTS, Dreamworld as added bonus to the recent Pokemon Games
  4. Stories are getting much more interesting and dramatic
  5. Badges are looking more and more awesome per region
  6. I was wondering when the Ruby and Sapphire remake will be announced.
  7. Who could forget, Ash's Pikachu still loses considering he's been to 5 different regions already :)
We have gone through the Pokemon world as it moves on and now, we meet the Generation 6 Pokemon Starters. This news was announced yesterday (01/08/13) via Nintendo Direct all over the world. Let's meet the next Genaration:

And of-course, we have these new wonderful trailers to show:

The game titles are Pokemon X and Pokemon Y respectively. This game will be released solely for the Nintendo 3DS system and will feature full 3D experience of the Pokemon. No more of those 2D stuff with 3D backgrounds, we get to enjoy these games at their full 3D glory. These games will hit the stores October of this year. Beyond that, we can't wait for more announcements. Let's hope that these games turn out better than our dear Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 which are already awesome.

and with that, I'm out. Keep checking out my blog for more Pokemon announcements and more game stuff. Stay happy and Happy 2013!

I really hate the frog looking thing but I really love that fox ;)
xoxo thejanraphaelbc

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