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Social Issues: Is Gay Marriage Wrong?

Earlier this week, the world blew up because a milestone happened that will change the world forever. The US Supreme Court has legalized same-sex marriage all in it's 50 states. Same-sex couples can now get married and have the same rights as straight couples have. By the looks of it, what happened was a good thing because every human being regardless of sexual orientation now have the same marriage rights and privileges. However, for some people, this wasn't a win.

The Christian community was deeply affected by this event and it rubbed them the wrong way. Bible verses started pouring out in social media, blogs, news sites and forums. They started saying that God is about to come and will destroy those who disobey his word. They also keep pointing out that marriage is for a man and a woman and everything else is an abomination. They also started coming after the people who support the "abominations". That wasn't very cool.

Next I noticed was the LGBT community mocking Christianity in their parades. They portrayed a gay Jesus, a weird cross and many more horrific scenes on display. In the part of the LGBT community, this was outright disrespectful.

There were different opinions posted on social media, some of which came from friends and relatives. Some made absolute sense, some made no sense at all, some made a neutral argument, most just exploded with anger and pointlessness. 

One of those posts were my friend's and here is an excerpt from his statement: "When I look at the issue of same-sex marriage from the point of view of my religion, a part of me tells me that I should be against it. However, when I remove my doctrine-colored lenses and look at the fact that homosexuality is being considered a sin, then the LGBT got the short end of the stick. Look at me. A straight male. Free to marry whichever girl of the same faith that who would like to marry me, and doing so would totally be cool. They, on the other hand, sin by default just by going for the one they love, which also happens to be of the same sex as them. And the worst part of this is that I have met gays both in my religion and others that are a lot more adherent to the faith - theirs or mine - than me. And yet, despite all that, in the eyes of the religious they are abominations, while I am deemed as the lesser sinner. Seems unfair." (James Bayot, Facebook Status Update, 2015)

God designed everyone in His image and likeness. He made us who we are. So I don't understand how people define homosexuality as a sin when it's just you being who God made you to be. You can't change how you feel, who you are and who you love. That's completely wrong. 

Most claims say that marriage, as stated in the Bible, is the union of a man and a woman. Anyone who disobeys is worthy of death, the same goes for people who support it (Romans 1:26-32). One article states the sole purpose of marriage is procreation and that anyone who can't conceive after marriage is deemed unworthy to be wed. Is this how people view marriage? Because if so, I'd rather not get into it. How about people who love each other but does not have fully functioning sex organs? How about people who want to marry but not have children? How about the issue of impotence and the Church's stand against IVF and surrogates? I read in one of the blogs that marriage should be a conjugal union and is heterosexual in nature. Did she just say that? I mean, she just went from redundant to ignorant. Conjugal means to be one with the other. It doesn't imply heterosexuality in any way you look at it.

The Bible has always been the basis for Christianity. This is where they base their hate, discrimination and judgmentality. I have always been fascinated with the Bible. Yes, I can get my
strength in it when I need to, but it just doesn't feel right to use it as basis for every thing I do. The Bible was written by man for man thousands of years ago. It is where I was opened to God, a force powerful than anyone or anything else on earth, where science falls short and where miracles are abundant. This realization helped me determine where I stand on determining whether gay marriage is wrong or if gay marriage is right.

God, in the Bible has been wrathful, destructive, vindictive and angry to all the people in the world. This is not how I view God. This is not how I was opened to God because if that was my perception of God long ago, I would have never been a Catholic. I would have never chosen Christianity and I would never have believed in a greater Power among us. God is love. God taught me to love. God made me love. God taught me how to understand human beings. God taught me how to make people happy. God taught me to be kind to others. God taught me to follow the commandments. God taught me that we are made in His image and likeness... God is love. I didn't say I wouldn't face the wrath of God for my sins but I believe that it is waiting for me on the other side. But as long as we are here on earth, awake and responsive, we are not allowed to judge, we are not allowed to discriminate, we are not allowed to shove our beliefs down other people's throats. Only God knows what is right and what is wrong, what's sinning and what's not, what's natural and unnatural. But we all know this. He taught us how to love. 

With marriage, we all know what is natural, we all know what it is and we all know how it works. But I believe, there is more to it than that. A lot of Bible scriptures imposes absolute laws on marriage. Hate to burst your bubble but so does incest, rape, slavery, racism, male and female objectification, sexism, and many more immoral acts that the Bible deemed "natural". I'm not gonna dwell on this because with the matter of sins and sinning, I'll go with my gut and guidance from God to tell me if something I'm doing is right or wrong. My point is that you need to feel and know that, who you are marrying is the right one, not because society told you, but because you know it's right, you feel it's right and your gut tells you it is right. 

I can't tell people who to love. I can't tell people who to marry. That is none of my business. What I can do is support them in their decision because that's what God taught me. Be kind and be good to everyone. In my opinion, gay marriage is just as good as a straight marriage is if it's done with the right reasons. Besides, no one's forcing the Catholic church to wed gay couples. They just feel the need to discriminate everyone not doing the norm. But who are they to judge. All of us are human beings. you can't tell the person what is right and what is wrong especially if no human laws are bound to it. 

The marriage that was approved by the law a few days ago did not include any religion basis. It only tells us that it provides the same marriage rights to all human beings regardless of gender. It doesn't mention that the Catholic Church has to wed homosexual couples, no. It just gives humans what humans deserve.

Lastly I would like to add an excerpt from a post I've read a few days ago: "Finally, I just have to say this: I was also raised catholic. I believe there's a force greater than anyone of us. As I get older, I am slowly catching up and realizing that force called love. At the end of our little existence on this planet, no one knows with certainty if there is a god waiting for us behind those pearly gates. That's where faith comes in, and I am not in any position to question something so personal. I do know that if and when He/She greets me, the last thing I would want to say is, 'God, look! I spent my days hating and discriminating against the queers - all in Your name and honor, God!'. Any self-respecting god would be horrified and would be justified in sending me back to earth as a portapotty at the dirtiest subway station. For I would deserve every piece of putrid shit that goes through me for being a shitty person in my previous life." (Patricia Valenzuela-Kent, Facebook Status Update, 2015). She has a point. 

Accept change. Because when time comes, God has a way of making you pay for your sins and it won't be expected. Just put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel? What would you do? Or imagine your life with a gay son, a lesbian daughter or a transgender sibling. What would you do then? How would you react? Would you still deny them of the love they deserve to have, or shove your religion down their throats? You choose.

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