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Help Desk: Direct Carrier Billing

The network carriers in the Philippines has finally released Direct Carrier Billing for Google Play Store. The network who released this first was Globe followed by Smart. Other networks are currently not supported.

What is Direct Carrier Billing?
Direct Carrier Billing is a way to pay for Apps, Music, Movies, TV Series, Books and In-App Purchases from the Google Play Store using your prepaid or postpaid balance. This lets people opt out of paying for Apps using credit card, PayPal, or redeemable gift cards. 

How does Direct Carrier Billing work?
It works the same way as credit card, PayPal or gift cards work. It removes your credit from prepaid balance or you get billed on your postpaid plan. Take note that you will be immediately charged when using prepaid while it could take a while for your bill to come if you are on postpaid. 

How do I enable Direct Carrier Billing?
Below are the steps on how to enable Direct Carrier Billing (DCB).

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1. Enable your Google Wallet.

Log in to your Google Wallet from your browser (preferably a desktop browser). This will prompt you to fill out necessary information Fill in all necessary details except for credit card details. If you already have a Google Wallet account, edit your details. Make sure the address you put in is from the Philippines. Entering different addresses might cause DCB not to work.

2. From your phone, connect to the internet using your Network Data Connection. Connecting to a WiFi will not trigger correct prompts. If you are using a Dual-SIM phone, make sure to deactivate the other SIM card from the settings. You don't need to remove your SIM card. 

3. Once connected, go to Google Play Store. (NOTE: This procedure only works with Official Google Play Store Apps with Official Google Play Services. Modified and Cracked Google Play Store Apps are not supported)

4. Select an App that has a price tag on it. Click on the price then select Payment options.

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There should be 2-4 listed payment options from that screen. These will be "Add credit or debit card", "Enable Smart/Globe communications billing", "Redeem" and "Add PayPal" (This option will only appear if the PayPal app is installed). Select "Enable Smart/Globe Communications Billing.

(NOTE: For prepaid subscribers, make sure that your prepaid balance is higher than what you are purchasing. There will be 12% VAT added to the price.)

5. Fill in the requested details.

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This will only be done once. Make sure the information is correct.

6. You will receive a text notification once the purchase has been completed. 

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Once you proceed with the purchase, Google Play will prompt you to enter a password. It will also ask you to set your password approval to "Everytime", "Every 30 mins" or "Never". Best option is every 30 minutes so if you wish to go app shopping, you need not to enter your password for every purchase. After your first purchase, you may now use WiFi for your succeeding purchases. 

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That's about it. The same method applies to Books and Movies. If you are going to buy in-app purchases, a box, the same as the last step, will appear from your app screen. Just enter your password and wait for the text notification.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. You could also direct your inquiries to my twitter: @thejanraphaelbc

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