Saturday, 22 February 2014

Values and Morals: What Is and What Should Be.

God has always taught us to love one another as we love ourselves. It is how he taught His people to live in this world. He also said that no one should discriminate. God also taught us that whomever you may be, you are welcome to enter my house.

All my life I've been taught of what is right and what is wrong and what values we are supposed to have. They also said that the Bible is our source of how to perfect or morals and virtues. This would be our guide to salvation.

Apparently, the Bible, per se, is also teaching people to discriminate,  to hate and to attack people. When I see people talking in forums,  comments to posts, and status updates, I often see a form of discrimination and hate, usually pertaining to the LGBT community, and most of these comments use God and the Bible to attack these HUMAN BEINGS. Sometimes,  it also happens right in front of me, in the house of God, the priests or so called speakers of God themselves are belittling these people.

These leaves me conflicted and confused on what to believe. Don't get me wrong. I, for one, believe in God, the Supreme being,  who created the universe that up until now, science has failed to prove. He is the only reason I see for the existence of the universe. Although, after that science seems to have prove everything. I also believe in New Testament of the Bible for this is written by people for the people leading me to believe in Jesus Christ. All other parts of the Bible, except scriptures that seem right, I personally have been conflicted to believe. 

How could I say that? A lot people have always been quoting the Bible that man is made for woman. They keep saying that homosexuals have been condemned by the Lord. They keep quoting Leviticus or Timothy or anyone who "stated something" about homosexuality.

In my opinion, these people are a bunch of hypocrites and idiots who didn't read and understand the scriptures completely. God and Jesus never condemened anyone. As from understanding, the sin is basically multiple sexual acts or promiscuity, otherwise known as prostitution. Why did I call them a bunch of hypocrites? Because,  Jesus told us that only God can judge the people. Nobody else in this world can judge.

Growing up, I've learned that there is a huge difference with Lust and Love. I no longer need to define that,  just that from what I've learned, it will always be unacceptable if you are consumed by lust instead of love. 

Values and morals are what we think is right and what we perceive as good. You don't have to base it solely on matter that has been written during ancient times. All we need to know that the basics are kindness, acceptance, love, and honesty. And from there,  we build our own values.

In the end: judging people for the sake of proving one's point of view is unacceptable. Always remember that we are taught to love and accept one another. This will always be our basis for determining what is right and what is moral.

With that,  I leave you with the words of Regina George "I gave him everything. I was half a virgin when I met him"

Take care everyone!
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