Saturday, 4 February 2012


Meeting people. I've always been afraid of meeting new people, afraid of what they may think of me as they get to know me, or, afraid of what I label them as who they are. I'm not the friendliest person on the block. I am afraid to interact with the not so many people around the world. I'm really not the type of guy that would become friends too easily. I stand my guard and create barriers to protect myself. This barrier breaks when I find someone irresistible and/or kind. The same way I use an approach. I've had it with fake friends, users, and jealous green eyed monsters. I know a mature person when I see one and I know a mature person when I meet one.

Why on earth am I blabbering about this shit? Because, I have met a lot of awesome people for the past couple of years. Mature and kindhearted people. Easy to get along and shares their knowledge with you. Will be there beside you at you darkest hours and will be ready to protect you at your weakest point. I think this statement goes to all the friend, true friends, I'm starting to have.

However, this post is specific for a person. I wrote a special poem that will encompass the moments we have been together and I mean that as a co-worker, a friend, and a family.

You welcomed me like a mother
Preparing for the arrival of her child
You accepted like no other
Even though I am young and wild

You led me on our way
Teacher, tutor and Guide
Care, nurture and play
As a mother, sister, even child

You shared your blessings and knowledge
I listened to every word
I gave my own stock dosage
Then you too listened and learned

Now, it time for the sun to set
From the nest the bird will fly
It not the end for we have just met
I'll see you later 'cause it's not goodbye

It may not be the best poem ever, I rushed it with all my heart. But, I hope you like it because I know in my heart that you are now a part of me I will not be able to let go and I will never ever let go.

Everlasting. the word that many think only suits a lover. but everlasting means forever, no matter who it is or what it is. Everlasting. Forever in my heart. Forever in my memory.

 Last thing: Konichiwa! :))