Saturday, 11 February 2012

Capturing Moments

Fate, Destiny, Will of God. Call it whatever it is but I think all works the same way. All are designed to protect you whatever the costs are. Whatever the costs, you ask? It may or may not ruin your life for a day or you may or may not lose something important. And I guess we need to deal with these things because it is for our own good.

Think of a time when something happened to you and you regretted it deeply. Let's say, you got sick, missed work, missed your promotion, it was given to another and you lose. Another scenario might go like this: You love someone, it's your best friend, you tell her, and you friendship goes down and you get heartbroken then lose a friend. Let's not focus on the negative aspect. What about this? You missed the bus you are about to ride, you take a cab, then on your way, you see the bus that you were supposed to ride, crashed and in flames. Lucky? Wait, that's a bit brutal don't you think? Let's have lighter one. You are a regular nurse caring for all the patients in the ward being nice to them, an old dying cancer patient asks if you could be a private duty nurse for him, you agreed, and as he dies, some of his riches were entitled to you according to his will. You see, this is not just a form of writing that I am exaggerating. These events are and can occur anytime, any day, to somebody, to me, to you, to anybody. 

A script of life. That's what I would like to call it. Things happen for a reason. Happenings changes the way we perceive our lives. Maybe after a gruesome incident, we say that I always get so unlucky or maybe after a wonderful event, we say that we are so lucky. Only to find out that these events are followed by another, then another then another. You miss the promotion, but as soon as you re-enter the building, you are greeted by everyone as their new boss, a promotion bigger than the first. You lose a friend and a loved one but you meet someone who is there for you to cope with a loss, a true friend, maybe even a lover soon. How about the cab? after you see the bus, it explodes and the cab got hit. Or the patient who's will is partly yours underwent a lawsuit. 

Remember the phrase "When one door closes, a million others open"? I believe you do. I guess I believe in it so much that I really don't care what happens next because I have a lot of choices to make. And I guess I don't worry what might happen. In this Fated life, we also have a choice. It's what we call the Law of Attraction. I think a lot of you know something about it but just to give you a brief idea, thinking positive attracts positive and negative to negative.

The Fates: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos

Do you know who the Fates are? They are like the goddesses who create human beings. Clotho, spins the thread. Lachesis measures the thread. Then Atropos cuts marking the end of someones life.

Compare them to ourselves. We choose who we are (Clotho), we choose how we live (Lachesis) and we don't foresee our death (Atropos). We are our Fate. An action has an opposite reaction. A choice has it's own consequences.

Live your life. Be thankful for the events. Choose freely but wisely.Love your life. You only have one life so be wise.