Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Game of L-O-V-E

"Stupid cupid, stop picking on me.."

Today is Valentine's day. How cool is that right? Another event where we watch people do different stuff to each other. There's expensive dating in an expensive restaurant. There's flower shopping at the place we call Dangwa. There are people, mostly couples, on picnic mats at the Rizal Park having romantic lunch times or dinner times. How about this? At home, there would be Dad brings Mom a huge bouquet of flowers, something for the kids and bringing home food for the whole family. Then there are the friends who hang out in something they call Single's Day Out. People do different stuff on Valentine's day. And I love it, when I see the LOVE flowing through the air around us. It's actually a nice feeling.

A lot of people don't like Valentine's Day. They say that it reminds them that they are single and lonely. I believe that that statement is extremely stupid. Valentine's Day is not about having a boyfriend or a girlfriend, a wife or a husband. It's not about being a couple or being single and lonely. It's about love. Call me cheesy and all but that is how I see it. It doesn't matter who you celebrate the day with. It matters that you celebrate it with the people whom you love. You can celebrate it with friends. You can celebrate it with you family, with your parents, with your children, with your siblings or cousins. Most importantly, you can celebrate it with yourself. Crazy right? Wrong. It simply means you love yourself enough to celebrate Valentine's Day alone.

"Well, if you reverse-engineer the human heart, you’re bound to find love at its core" -Ferb. [Phinneas and Ferb, 2011]

Now, for the next part of my Valentine blog, let's talk about love and how love changes you. I actually didn't believe in the whole lovey-dovey Love with couples and relationships back then. I also didn't believe that true love exists. I was completely and humiliatingly wrong. Why you ask? I didn't prove it to by myself. It is actually proven by a friend. You think that having a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship will last forever but I've disproved that theory. A lot of people change and somehow, some people can't accept that. But, you know, there would be someone that will like you despite the flaws of your life. Something really effortless that would happen. It's like in a snap of a finger, you fall in love. That is how true love affects people. You can't explain it. You just know that it is right. It didn't happen to me so I don't really know the feeling, but someone dear to me knows how it happens. I believe that is what we call the breaking point of all relationships. It just is. It changes you with a blink of an eye. So guess what, my advice to those people in a relationship, think twice because it's not really the end when you know that something feels wrong. It just is. i remember the saying "You know it's right when you feel it's right but when it's wrong, it is wrong." You don't wanna end up losing the game of love right? Make the right decisions and continue to love and share it with the world

"Well, sometimes if you love somebody, you have to meet them halfway-Ferb. [Phinneas and Ferb, 2011]

The last part of my blog is a playlist. Something to warm your hearts on the Valentine Season. Don't worry about the dedications. I'll keep it a secret ;)

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone :D