Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Life Adventures: Your Love's Got Me Looking So Crazy Right Now!

"We'll find each other. We always do." - David/Prince Charming, Once Upon A Time (2011)

The month of love is back and it's ready to bring another bout of happiness and devastation to fragile hearts. Cupid is firing his bow-gun to vulnerable people repeatedly, not missing a shot. Babies are being conceived once more in those dark and mysterious areas. Yes. Love month is back and it is ready to wreak havoc once again. 

Unfortunately, this blog is not about Valentine's Day itself, but it's about one of my friends, who so desperately needs love advice. (Or maybe not, I don't really care.) But before anything else, here is the trailer for the upcoming movie Fifty Shades of Grey, which is really really close to my friend's love story (at the moment).

I guess you're wondering "why the quote above?" right? I inserted that quote because my friend and this guy keep coming back to each other. I am a witness of this intertwining of destiny, as you call it. I am or I was a fan of their love story from the beginning, but during that time, it didn't happen. Maybe they weren't ready for the events that was about to unfold if they ended up together. Maybe the relationships after their first meeting was brought to them to test their faith. Even then, I knew then that their relationship with others was bound to end. I am an expert of looking at relationships especially when it comes to friends, and with one look, I can tell which relationship lasts and which won't. I am currently at a perfect score. With these two, I haven't decided yet. I don't see the aura of love or of heartbreak yet. Their previous relationships with others has ugly written all over it and I was right. But now, nothing yet. There is, however, the feeling that they have been longing for this moment and they have been waiting for it since the beginning. Maybe fate is bringing them together, finally.

When we hung out two weeks ago, we talked about them and what they did this past Christmas season. In that brief fleeting moments, I saw a twinkle in her eyes that only love can give. But, it rapidly vanished, maybe because she's still guarded and broken from her previous relationship that she didn't want to expect something more. But, I know for a fact that it's there and its creeping its way out from the darkness and into the light very very fast. The fact that I saw it warranted me to ask her the very question she was dreading, and what she answered was completely out of the context. She stated this quote "we are exclusively dating" but in a very long and complicated manner. I mean, she's completely hiding from her true feelings, but that's just me. Remember, I have a knack for seeing relationship length and I haven't missed one.

Maybe you should just kiss him. Oh wait, you already did and you told me that even Katy Perry's song was no match for it. [Insert ROFL here] Sorry, I just had to disclose that.

So that my friend is and advice (well sort of) that I can give you. Open up your feeling and maybe, just maybe, this is it. Soon enough, you'll have someone to cuddle you to sleep or give you the best sex of your life (and not in a hotel like we talked about, I might add. ROFL). Who knows. Fate is a bitch but she can bring happy endings if you just believe. Or maybe don't listen to me cause what do I know, I'm still a virgin in all aspects of love, right? 

And to all others reading this, please celebrate your Valentine's Day just watching Fifty Shades of Grey and NOT reenacting it? Please? Just kidding. My advice to people celebrating love this Valentine's Day is that TRUE LOVE CAN WAIT. Abstinence people, that's your safest route. Stop spreading diseases. And stop calling your babies "accidental". It's love month, and if you feel like celebrating, celebrate it with the people who loved you from the very beginning. Celebrate it with God and your Family. 

"Don't have sex. Because you will get pregnant. Then die..." - Coach Carr, Mean Girls (2007)

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Crazy In Love (2014 Remix) - Beyoncé Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding