Thursday, 23 October 2014

Redefining Television: How to Get Away with Murder Review

I'm not gonna go into details about what the show is about because lots of blogs and TV reviews have already done that. I'm here to give my opinion on how this TV series redefined prime time network television.

From the first to the current episode, this series has been breaking the norm for television dramas. I didn't feel comfortable with it at first but in the end, I accepted it because of our society now.

The first thing I noticed is that the events in the court room is really far off from what happens in the real world. Even then, this shows what lawyers are capable of doing. Remember, there are research teams that do this shows and no matter what other people feel, it can always happen in the real world (Grey's Anatomy have been doing it for quite some time and from a nurse's point of view, it may be exaggerated but most of it actually do happen.) 

The next thing that made me realize that this is really redefining TV is that it showed sex between men. It really was quite shocking at first but I realized, there was nothing shocking about it because it has been done over and over again with male and female couples. Some might say that it is very graphic but compared to the other TV shows, the scenes from How to Get Away with Murder is extremely mild. It is also done in a way that it runs with the plot and not just sex for the sake of showing sex on TV in which most of the other TV shows do. 

This show also went big especially with the final scenes of Episode 4 where Viola Davis started taking her wig off. This has not been done in other TV shows and it is a very powerful moment where it shows vulnerability and strength. This has been going on with Viola Davis' character ever since the show started. She deserves an Emmy for this.
Shonda Rhimes has really done it again. First with Grey's Anatomy then in Scandal and now, How to Get Away with Murder. People really do love suspense and drama. For those people who keep posting negative comments and keep wishing that this show is removed, well you have to just turn off your TV because with ratings like this, this show won't be going away anytime soon. Just ask Scandal.

My Final Scoreboard for this TV Show:
Plot:          5/5
Acting:     5/5
Storyline: 4/5

That's All. Remember to keep watching How to Get Away with Murder.
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