Thursday, 3 May 2012

Persona In Eu

Persona in eu. It's actually a Latin statement meaning "The Optimistic Person". Why did I change the name of my blog? It's because I have learned a lot while walking down the life path. Only in optimism we are able to fully see the life that we want to see. Only in optimism do we realize that negativity would bring us nowhere and only in optimism we show that we are capable of handling what the world throws at us.

Every single day of my life now, I see the difference when I have been overpowered by negativity. Everything falls apart back then, but right now, I handle things a little bit more responsibly and I have become a better person.

We should always remember that it's our attitude that creates us and it's our attitude that brings us closer to life.

Live life and learn by it.
thejanraphaelbc 2012 No Boundaries - Kris Allen