Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Top 13

I watched the latest episode of the new season of American Idol and I think it is time I give my own opinions to the Top 13 performances. I've been watching this show since Kelly Clarkson and I never really voiced out much. Sometimes I get disappointed with the judges decisions or comments when in fact, it's the total opposite. Let's start!

1. First up is Joshua Ledet singing I Wish by Stevie Wonder. Let me just say one thing. I am not a fan of Joshua Ledet and I don't know how he may have gotten through to the Top 13. Don't get me wrong, he has an amazing voice but lot's others have better voices than he has. Tonight's performance just showed more of his amazing vocals but I think it was not perfect and even though judges did love it, I personally didn't. 

2. Next up is Elise Testone. She looks like Ke$ha, no offense. She has a unique and beautiful voice but with what she sang tonight (I' your baby tonight by Whitney Houston) she just went all over the place. I wish I could have seen what Simon Cowell would say about her but he's not there to judge. This wasn't a good performance for her. She should know that she may be in trouble..

3. Jermaine Jones is not how I picture an American Idol would be. He just doesn't fit. Anyway, he does have an amazing baritone voice, although I would wish that deep voices end with Scotty in season 10. I know he can do it but I think tonight wasn't his best performance. In the words of former judge Simon Cowell, "It's wet" is how I describe his performance.

4. I'll not dwell into it. Erika Van Pelt was Amazing tonight. This is one of her best performances. Did I mention her outfit blended with the stage and it looked outstanding?

5. Colton Dixon maybe one of the top contenders for this season. With his bad boy rocker image or something, he maybe in it to win it. And the way he sang Stevie Wonder's Lately tonight was just heartwarming and amazing. He might become the next David Cook!

6. Two word are applicable for Shannon Magrane's performance tonight. Oh No! She is totally in big big trouble after tonight. Her voice is good but she should try loosening up a bit.

7. DeAndre Brackensick's performance is one I had no interest in watching. I know he's good but I just feel like he's not worth watching. He' somewhat the balance performer. The usual "he's there but I don't care"  contestant. I think he did okay in his performance tonight.

8. Skylar Laine is one of the best performers for the night. Not the best one but still an awesome comeback. She has one of the most beautiful country voices that puts a twist in any song just like how she sang tonight's Whitney Houston song Where do Broken Hearts Go. I fell in love with her voice the moment I heard her sing it.

9. What can I say? Heejun Han has one of the most perfect performances tonight. Grabbing the hearts and emotions of people around the globe, he moved us with his awesome song choice for the night. He never fails to surprise and never fails to outstand.

10. Hollie Cavanagh has one of the prettiest voices in this season. I think all she needs to do is stand out more and become one of the top contenders. Great performance for tonight and I hope I hear more of her because her voice is just fantastic and lovable.

11. Jeremy Rosado made JLo cry on the last episode but I think he is one of the so-so contenders. I loved it when he sang Gravity by Sarah Bareilles but tonight, it was just lacking. I think that maybe the judges made a wrong move in picking him as a wild card. I'm just saying.

12. And tonight's best female performance goes to Jessica Sanchez. Another standing ovation from the judges. With her amazing voice, her charming personality and the way her singing moves other people's hearts, she is just in it to win it. believe there are no words to describe how she handled her performance tonight and having to sing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You is a great challenge, but she just stood there and sang perfectly. I hope she continues to wow us in the next upcoming episodes.

13. There are no words to describe Phillip Phillips. I think one word would be good fro his performance tonight which is "PERFECT" but really, there are just no words to describe how awesome he is. Another contender who is in it to win it. I'm looking forward to watch and listen to him more.

So what do you think? Top Picks for tonight will go to Jessica Sanchez, Heejun Han, Phillip Phillips, Skylar Laine, Hollie Cavanagh and Colton Dixon. Let's just see.